Shain Development


“Greg Shain and the whole team at Shain development have been incredible throughout the entire home building process. He built us our absolute dream home!
We had seen many of Greg’s homes throughout the years and had been huge fans of his. When we decided to build a home of our own, we interviewed a few contractors, but Greg just stood out. He was also highly recommended by our architect Ken Ungar.
Greg is just such a great guy, so easy going, trustworthy, and truly cares. Greg and his whole team became a part of our family for the 2.5 years it took to build our home. In fact he still comes out immediately if we are having problems with anything around the house, which has been above and beyond.”
– Michael & Laura Richter
“Greg Shain built our DREAM HOME for our family. We met Greg through a good friend of ours who insisted that we meet Greg before we start construction. We already had a contractor lined up and were ready to go. But after meeting Greg we immediately switched to Greg. Why? Honestly, we just had that feeling for some reason. And we WERE NOT wrong!!! It is difficult to put in a few paragraphs how incredible our experience has been with Greg. Not only is he a super talented contractor, but he is also a man who cares deeply about his projects. The qualities that, in our opinion, set Greg apart from other contractors (and we have worked with a few) are as follows:
Attention to Detail – our house has so many details which are difficult to execute in a timely manner with a desired outcome. Greg would stay on top of all the subs and would not let them leave until every detail was done to perfection. He still comes to our house and educates us on how to take care of things and finishes.
Eye for Design – even with three interior designers on our project, I always felt I could bounce design ideas off of Greg and he would always give me an honest answer or a suggestion for an alternative solution. Greg has an incredible eye for design whether it is paint color or wood floor finish or faucet or tile. Many finishes in our house stem from Greg’s ideas and his proprietary design books.
Work Ethic and Dedication – I have never met anyone who works so hard and gives so much of himself to a project. I would always feel like Greg took as good care of us and our project as if it was his own house that he was building. My favorite example (and there are hundreds of them) is on Valentines Day at 8pm, shorty after we moved into our new house, our hot water went out. My husband was just on his way from the airport after having been on a business trip and I knew he would appreciate a hot shower that night and the following morning. I called Greg panicked. Greg showed up at our door less than 20 minutes later and kept the plumber on the phone for 30 minutes (while the plumber was at dinner) until the hot water was fixed. Greg has the dedication and work ethic that very few have.
Time to Respond – while we were under construction many questions and issues arose. And every time I called or texted Greg he would get back to us right away, literally within minutes. This was comforting to us and kept our project going. It is also a quality rare to find in a contractor. And by the way, he still is super responsive while we are living in our house and takes care of anything right away.
Relationship with his Subs – in today’s environment of construction happening everywhere, many of the subs are too busy and cannot get to a project on time. Greg’s subs have been with him for years and some for decades. They care and respect Greg and they are all incredibly talented and hard working people.
In summary, I could go on and on about Greg and his qualities. I wanted to focus on those qualities which we found incredibly important during construction. I will also say that if we ever build a house again, it will for sure be with Greg. Anyone would be incredibly lucky to work with Greg and Shain Development.”

– Maggie Cwiertnia

“We built our first dream home with Shain Development in 2021. We were so lucky to have Greg and his team with their experiences as general contractor. Communication on progress and on budget was always smooth.
Our project was during COVID which made everything challenging. We had bi-weekly meetings on site with the team on designs, changes, schedules, and budgets.
We appreciate Greg for organizing a great team during the construction and the continuing relationship with us after the construction as well. It has been more than a year since we moved in, but we still call Greg each time when we have any issues. We are so happy that Greg and his team still kindly care about us.”

– Hide Terashima

“When we had decided to buy a property and build our dream home, I was extremely skeptical and guarded about residential contractors. I have been in construction for many years and have been exposed to all the nightmarish stories you could imagine. In 2014, our dream lot dropped on our laps, and my wife and I made our rounds throughout the city in search of our envisioned design and a builder. Our real estate agent, knowing our style of architecture, had recommended Shain Development, so we decided to visit a project that Greg Shain was developing on Chautauqua in Pacific Palisades. There, we truly came across our dream house, but better. The project was pretty complete on the exterior and semi-finished on the interior. After a few meetings and walking around with Greg, we felt so comfortable and knew we had found our match. Building a dream home is so personal and subjective that it requires a very receptive, knowledgeable, and patient builder. Our communications throughout the overall process were thorough and extensive. Greg had many great ideas that we had incorporated. His vast knowledge of different building components and fixtures was a tremendous help in getting the best construction elements, and to also have control of our budget and its overall aesthetics and functionality. All the plan preparations and the city processes were handled properly and smoothly. Upon completion of the plans, Greg provided us with sets of plans and specifications to receive construction bids. We received 2 other bids besides Greg’s. Having construction experience, my goal was to find the most complete and transparent estimate with minimal chance of change orders during the construction. After review of the bids and a few meetings with each contractor, we found Greg’s estimate to be by far more precise, all inclusive, and priced fairly. We were fortunate to pick Shain Development to perform our construction.
The nature of our building site and city requirements had created more complications than an average home construction. Greg, his superintendent, and all of his recommended subcontractors were extremely hands-on and skillful in tackling our anomalies. Well within the construction standards and our site complications, our project took about 2 years yet felt extremely fast and organized. Greg was always present at important construction stages to make sure the work is being done properly. His care and attention to details was amazing. Our home was completed with no major issues, and we have been living in it for about 8 months. As with any new home, there are expected finish items that require follow-up, and Greg and his superintendent have been extremely helpful in resolving them.
Being in construction business for many years, and having dealt with many contractors and subcontractors, I have always been reluctant to refer anyone to my family and friends as most contractors disappoint. I would highly recommend Shain Development and Greg Shain to my closest family members and friends, and given the opportunity I would absolutely engage them in my design and construction projects again.”

– Bob Akhavan

“I have been working with Shain Development for more than 10 years. Greg and his team are incredibly detail-oriented and produce exceptional work. Greg always strives for every aspect of the job to be perfect and everything Shain Development does is as high-quality as it gets. Greg and his team are also great to work with – they are organized, hands-on, responsive, honest and fair. I always look forward to partnering with Shain Development on a job!”

– Hugo Orozco, Unique Painting & Artistry

“It was an absolute pleasure working with Greg Shain and his team at Shain Development. I appreciated Greg’s input and suggestions, his design concepts, and his attention to quality work and detail. The skilled and knowledgeable team at Shain Development were always on time, professional, and truly made my home renovation project a pleasant and enjoyable experience.”

– Kristen Klein

“We were very happy with the project. Shain Development really understood what we wanted, and worked hard to bring our vision to life. Greg’s hard-earned experience in the building business, and his attention to details are invaluable and are a key reason for the project’s success. Furthermore, they were extremely transparent about project costs and billing, and very easy to work with. We have no hesitation in recommending them to anyone looking for a great builder for their next home.”

– Donna and Jason Weiss

“Shain Development is one of the classiest builders in town. They made this such a pleasurable project. We look forward to working with them again and again.”

– ADG Lighting