• Collaborate with client’s architect and designer to provide value engineering where effective
  • Analyze, evaluate and assist in finalizing building plans
  • Acquire cost proposals, bids and estimates from all required sub-contractors, engineers, and other various agencies, and develop a capital budget to determine total cost of the development
  • Develop detailed schedule and critical path that will determine the most effective and efficient sequence for the minimum time needed to complete construction
  • Pre-qualify all sub-contractors



  • Provide construction phase management and supervision
  • Monitor and chart the progress of all sub-contractors and monitor the quality of workmanship of all trades involved
  • Maintain a construction budget tracking system, including detailed spreadsheets categorizing all costs that have been paid to date, remaining costs, and percentages of contracts to finish project
  • Construction meetings with owners, architects, engineers, inspectors, and sub-contractors, in order to determine all goals, solutions and expectations that will meet everyone’s needs
  • Hold management and safety meetings on a regular basis



  • Project follow-up and walkthrough
  • Provide copies of all permits, inspections and other related construction documents
  • Provide all operation manuals, documents and home maintenance schedules
  • Continue open line of communication for any questions that may arise



We have extensive design experience and are passionate about working with the leading architects and designers in the Los Angeles area. Depending on your needs, we are pleased to recommend an architect or designer, or work with the architect or designer of your choice.