contractors-palisades-caCONSTRUCTION SERVICES

We provide a complete package of services for your development:

  • Retain and coordinate the appropriate engineers for all phases of construction from start to finish.
  • Assist all to finalize building plans.
  • Apply for and obtain all building permits.
  • Develop a capital budget in order to determine the total cost of development.
  • Acquire cost proposals, bids, and estimates from all required sub-contractors, engineers, etc.
  • Maintain a construction budget tracking system. This will include a detailed spreadsheet categorizing all costs that have been paid to date and the remaining costs and percentages of contracts to finish project.
  • Develop a time line that will track the construction on a regular basis for the most effective and efficient outcome for the development.
  • Construction start-up phase and management includes pre-construction meetings with all involved- inspectors, architects, engineers, surveyors, and sub-contractors, in order to determine all goals and expectations that will meet everyone’s needs.
  • Construction phase management and supervision includes monitoring and charting the progress of job and sub-contractors, and monitoring the quality of workmanship of all trades involved throughout.
  • Work together with all architects, engineers, designers and sub-contractors in a coordinated effort to problem solve or create needed solutions in order to complete the development in the most appropriate and timely manner.